Voting date set for 4 laid over projects

The City has set new Public Hearing dates for the four laid over projects on FranklinWesternThird, and Prior.

At its meeting on July 10th, the City scheduled all four projects for Public Hearings on August 21st at 5.30pm. Revised assessment rolls (detailing the new charges per property) were included on the agenda:

It is still possible for property owners on these four projects to submit written objections to the council for consideration on August 21st, and to attend the meeting to voice your objection in person. A written objection can be as simple as an email to your Council Member.

Given that the City has already re-negotiated the rate for Mill & Overlay assessments, the most likely outcome is that the city will pass the remaining four projects without further revision.

You can choose to accept your new assessment (which may still be thousands of dollars), or appeal. If you would like to learn more about the appeals process, including participating in our joint appeal, check out our new appeals page.