April 10th Meeting: Voting Delayed to May 8th!

At its April 10th Council Meeting, the City Council was due to vote on the 4 projects (Victoria, Stryker, Arlington, and Forest) that had been held over from the original April 3rd meeting.

Councilmember Noecker, President Brendmoen, and Councilmember Busuri moved to hold over the votes for 30 days to May 8th (watch the video). Councilmember Noecker thanked everyone who participated in the Public Hearings, acknowledging the valid issues that have been raised, and said the council needed some time to dig in and consider the mill & overlay policy.

This is a hugely positive step towards getting this issue resolved. We’re extraordinarily grateful to everyone who has taken the time to write a written objection (here’s a PDF with the 65+ we collected), who contacted their Councilmember, or who attended and spoke at the Public Hearing on April 3rd – you’ve made a difference.

Although a number of questions remain, and the status of the 5 projects approved on April 3rd is unclear, our concerns have been heard and the Council is taking them seriously. That’s all we could reasonably ask of our elected representatives at this stage. The Pioneer Press covered the story too.

From the start, we’ve advocated for a fair allocation of costs – one that more accurately reflects the benefit these thoroughfares provide to the neighborhood and wider community. We’re hopeful that a fair, pragmatic outcome can be found that addresses the concerns we’ve raised in the short term, and that this is the first step towards a more equitable policy.