Voting Delayed by Further 2 Weeks

Earlier this week we spoke with Councilmember Rebecca Noecker for a progress update on the Mill & Overlay issue.

CM Noecker confirmed that the City Council intends to address the inequity this policy has created, and that she, along with Council President Brendmoen and their colleagues, are in discussions behind the scenes with Public Works etc. on a solution.

The Council were hoping to have completed this work for the May 8th meeting but need more time. That’s why the vote was delayed by a further 2 weeks. The Council are now targeting the Wednesday May 22nd meeting.

CM Noecker also assured us that, at a minimum, all 9 of the projects for 2018 will be addressed together. That means the five projects that were approved at the April 3rd meeting (Third, Western, Prior, Franklin, and Wilson) are being included in this reconsideration of the policy.

This is highly encouraging news. It sounds like there is a disconnect between the legislative intent and the way this policy has played out in practice. We welcome the efforts being made behind the scenes to fix it, creating a fairer way to share the cost of this work now and in future.