3rd April Council Meeting & Public Hearing

Thank you to everyone who has participated so far – whether you filed a written objection on our website or contacted your Councilmember. We collected over 60 written objections ourselves, an incredible response given the small number of properties we reached overall. We submitted all the written objections we received in person at the meeting on 3rd April 2019. Here’s the 4/3/19 Council Meeting Agenda. All written objections we received ahead of time are also attached to the relevant agenda item.

We had an overwhelming turnout. Property owners had to stand and wait in a line in order to speak their objections. Councilmember Tolbert presided over the hearing, and strictly limited the time allocated to each person. Even so, person after person stood up and said their piece.

  • The Council voted on, and approved, ratification of the ‘mill and overlay’ assessments for Third, Western, Prior, Franklin, and Wilson projects.
  • The Council laid over the voting on ratification of the ‘mill and overlay’ assessments for Victoria, Stryker, Arlington, and Forest projects. The vote is delayed and will resume at the next meeting, on Wednesday, April 10th at 3:30pm.

We strongly objected to this split approval on the basis that not just some, but all the ‘mill and overlay’ projects should be laid over and ruled upon at the same time on April 10th because all the property owners should be treated the same way. Our objection was ignored by the Council.

The delays for Victoria, Stryker, and Arlington are because the Councilmembers for those wards, Rebecca Noecker (Victoria, Stryker), and Amy Brendmoen (Arlington), were absent.

The takeaway from all this is – for Third, Western, Prior, Franklin, and Wilson ‘mill and overlay’ projects, your assessment has been approved by the City Council. We strongly urge you to appeal the decision. For Victoria, Stryker, Arlington, and Forest, the decision has not yet been made. If you have not already done so, we suggest that you contact your Councilmember (here’s how). In light of the approval of the other projects, if Victoria, Stryker, and Arlington assessments are also approved, we strongly urge you to appeal the decision.

If you do not want to appeal the decision, we want you to know that there may be programs for deferment based upon hardship, especially if you are a senior, disabled, or active military. Call the number listed on the notice (651-266-8858) with any questions. By law the City should have informed you about the this, but failed to do so.

We think the City has taken several additional wrong steps here. If approved, in the least, we personally plan on appealing the assessment concerning our specific property, 859 Osceola Avenue.

Update 5/9/19: Although five of the Mill & Overlay projects were passed by the City on April 3rd, we have been assured by our Councilmember Rebecca Noecker (Ward 2) that all 9 projects for 2018 are being reconsidered together and will be treated equally.