Star Tribune: Massive Street Repair Bills Rile Homeowners

The Star Tribune has published an in-depth article on the front page of its print edition and website!

Jim Walsh’s excellent piece – In St. Paul, massive street repair bills rile homeowners – includes comment from Public Works and Councilmember Rebecca Noecker (Ward 2). She is generally sympathetic to our concerns:

Noecker said she would prefer putting less of the burden for arterial streets that carry citywide traffic on those streets’ property owners. “I think there should be some limit.”

At the time of writing, the piece has received over 230 comments from Star Tribune readers. The top comment (with 60+ likes) is from reader woodchucker, who notes that the streets are the “shared responsibility of the whole city”, reasoning:

They are not private roads or driveways, there are no restrictions on their use, these people do not live in a gated community.

The article comes on the day the remaining four Mill & Overlay projects are due to return to the City Council after they were laid over for 30 days pending a reconsideration of the policy.

Jim Walsh is on Twitter as @stribjwalsh.