The Villager: St. Paul Takes Closer Look at Assessments

We made the front page of this week’s issue of The Villager newspaper! In an article titled “St Paul takes closer look at assessments for street work”, Jane McClure reported on the City Council’s decision to postpone the assessments for the 4 projects which had not been voted through for 30 days to reconsider the policy.  As Jane points out:

A city policy change that became effective for street projects in 2018 greatly increased the amount that property owners are charged for that work. The city also is no longer notifying property owners of the cost in advance.

The article also notes how these “Major changes in how and what St Paul charges for mill and overlay” are a significant departure from the original ROW system from 2003:

When the right-of-way maintenance assessments were enacted in 2003, all St. Paul property owners shared in the costs…including nonprofit, tax-exempt organizations such as religious institutions, colleges, and hospitals.

Since the changes made as a result of 2016’s Minnesota Supreme Court decision, we’re a long way away from that original policy goal.

Steve Michael’s sharply-observed cartoon probably says it best:

Street Resurfacing Villager Cartoon

The Villager is distributed to homes throughout St. Paul. If you missed the April 24th – May7th edition or aren’t in their delivery area, it’s available free from various local news stands (map).