Pioneer Press: Mill & Overlay Bills Landing at Residents’ Doors

The Pioneer Press just covered our story.

The article is well worth reading. It includes a useful account of how we got here in the first place (this new policy only came about due to the First Baptist Church case which forced the City to change the previous ROW assessment system in 2017).

It also shines a spotlight on the problems created by the City’s decision to dispense with Public Hearings before the work was done and its failure to properly inform property owners of their rights even now.

As we’ve heard repeatedly from our neighbors, receiving a huge bill out of the blue for several thousand dollars has a very real impact, particularly on retirees, the disabled, students, and working families. We’re exceptionally grateful to Fred for drawing attention to this issue.

Fred Melo is the Pioneer Press’s Urban Life reporter, covering almost everything of note that goes on in St. Paul. He’s on Twitter as @FrederickMelo.