Let's Make St. Paul's Streets Work for Everyone.

St. Paul wants to charge homeowners individually for maintaining public streets. That’s not just unfair – it’s illegal.

2019 Mill & Overlay Appeals

Express your interest in joining our appeal against the 2019 Downtown Mill & Overlay charges or any other 2019 project.


Since 2003, the City of St. Paul has been taxing street maintenance separately to disguise and minimize reported property tax increases. When the old Right of Way system was successfully challenged in the Minnesota Supreme Court in 2016, the city rebranded it as the Street Maintenance Service Program.

These policies have created hugely uneven burdens. Some residents are saddled with thousands of dollars in street maintenance fees while their neighbors, who also use these arterial streets, pay little or nothing.

There are fair and legal ways for the City to do this. Instead, the city is sidestepping Minnesota law, and with it the important protections the law provides for taxpayers.


What the city asked us for
What our neighbors pay

Why We're Fighting.

Taxes Should be Fair

The cost of maintaining our street network should be shared by everyone.

The City needs to stop penalizing homeowners who live on major thoroughfares while giving everyone else a free ride.

Taxes Must be Legal

St. Paul needs to start complying with Minnesota law.

The Minnesota Supreme Court threw out the same system in 2016. Rebranding an illegal system doesn’t make it legal.

Transparency Matters

St. Paul needs to be held accountable.

Cities are supposed to listen to their residents. That includes meaningful public consultation, hearings, and adequate notice before work begins.


District Court Hears Appeal

March 2, 2022

More than 3 years after we filed our first Appeal against the City of Saint Paul’s Mill & Overlay program, our consolidated Appeal was heard in the Ramsey County District Court today. The hour long hearing was held virtually. Ben Loetscher of Ferdinand Peters appeared on our behalf, while Anissa Mediger appeared on behalf of …

District Court Hears Appeal Read More »

Fair Streets St. Paul Organizing 2019 Mill & Overlay Appeals for Downtown and Others

January 31, 2020

We have received word that the City of St. Paul has started sending out initial invoices for its 2019 Mill & Overlay projects. As with the 2018 projects, the City’s policy of burdening property owners on thoroughfares with the vastly disproportionate costs of maintaining those streets for everyone is unfair and contrary to the law. …

Fair Streets St. Paul Organizing 2019 Mill & Overlay Appeals for Downtown and Others Read More »

Second Appeal: City on Notice

October 15, 2019

Following the City’s decision to approve the remaining four sets of assessments on September 28th, we have served our second appeal against the 2018 mill & overlay charges on the City clerk. This new appeal is from property owners on Franklin Ave., Prior Ave., Third St. and Western Ave. and comprises an additional 16 properties. …

Second Appeal: City on Notice Read More »

City Approves Remaining 2018 Assessments

September 29, 2019

The city council has approved the remaining assessments for Franklin Avenue, Prior Avenue, Third Street, and Western Avenue. The assessments returned to the agenda for the 9/25/19 city council meeting. Here’s the video stream of the assessments being approved. The vote was originally laid over for a week at CM Prince and CM Thao’s request …

City Approves Remaining 2018 Assessments Read More »

City holds closed-door meeting to consider current appeals

September 12, 2019

Yesterday, the city held a closed door meeting “to discuss pending litigation in First Baptist Church of St. Paul, et al v. City of Saint Paul and Christina Anderson, et al v. City of Saint Paul”. No further details were shared, but it’s likely that the city attorney has (finally) looked at the adverse decision …

City holds closed-door meeting to consider current appeals Read More »

Remaining assessments laid over by one month

August 29, 2019

The City Council has laid over votes on Franklin, Prior, Third and Western for a further month to September 25th. While the council did not share their reasoning for the layover, the most likely reason is to allow them to obtain a legal opinion from the city attorney, as we and Mr. Hoeschler urged at …

Remaining assessments laid over by one month Read More »

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